A home base for filming crews

somewhere_in_vologda_largeA 4WD truck, with a camper in tow, complete with a driver with 30 years of accident-free record (something tells me a big one is coming), a qualified translator, and all-around fixer (Uncle Pasha himself in all of these roles), with secretarial support from the home office (usually provided by Alexandra) is available to filming crews and serious explorers of the area.

Two desks and one single bed, or two single beds and one desk, or one double bed and one small desk..


It comes equipped with camping equipment that includes two tents, a desk, a chair, and even a bicycle, a 20 foot aerial for reliable internet.


Its pride is a powerhouse that consists of two batteries, a total of 120-140Ah, two inverters, and a 1kw generator. Normally power is provided via inverters thus zero noise emission. The generator is used only as a backup, or over 500kw of equipment is connected.

toilet-300x250And no need to desperately search for where to relieve yourself. It is all in the camper, or in a separate tent.


Organizing snacks of full meals no problem if I have time. Often I have my hands full attending the vehicles and associated equipment so don’t count on fancy meals but technically the camper is equipped to feed several people well, not just minimalistic field style.

Winterized. Personally tested at -25C (-13F). Enough propane for 200 hours of continuous heating.

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