A belated note on Nov. 7 demonstration in Kandalaksha


A Nov. 7 demonstration from the 70s. From yourpresentperfect.ru

The scale of the event was not what it used to be in the 70s but still Kandalaksha Communist remembered the date of the “Great October Socialist Revolution” celebrated, due to a mishap with Julian and Gregorian calendars, on Nov. 7.

Local communists and members of the “Fair Russia” party assembled by School No. 1 and proceeded to the main square, when they held a meeting by the T-34 tank.

Newspapers handed out, banners raised, brass band playing – the entire standard set for this kind of event. Unlike on a previous occasion on May 1, the authorities allowed banners this time.

Speakers focussed on industial and agricultural collapse, unemployment, health care issues, housing repair and services.


I must say such obviously low attendance puzzles me somewhat given the collapsing economy and growing miscontent with Mr. Putin and his policies. The only explanation that seems plausible is widespread public despair or indifference.

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