What a catch of service providers!

In the last two weeks I’ve added a bunch of handy- and repairmen to my telephone book. Electricians are fixing wiring and installing outlets right now as I’m typing this, the car just had a bunch of bushings replaced and the body is finally fixed to the frame (I hope those who rode in it are not reading this post, they don’t need to know that the body was basically lying on the frame, held in place by a lucky combination of forces of gravity and frictions), a new welder has undertook to make a rooftop rack for our car, and another electrician applied some magic to get trailer stop lights working, a propane expert with an adapter to fill small cans was found, a lathe? operator was added to my list etc. etc. I will not document them here because (a) some don’t want public exposure and (b) the situation keeps on shifting. But they are all in my notebook. Need contact details? Just ask.

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