A monument to Stalin in Arkhangelsk

stalinThe campaign to erect a monument to the former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin as well as the seemingly growing opposition to the project are well under way in Arkhangelsk.

The cost of the project is said to be about 500 thousand roubles (about $7000 at the currect exchange rate), of which 30 thousand have already been collected. Once the funds are there it should take 2-3 monthes to manufacture the statue.

The press makes it appear like the project enjoys popular support. The staff of four of Arkhangelsk region factories spoke in favour. So did the Council of War and Work Veterans, the local section of Children of War, and the leaders of the Georgian diaspora.

The plan is to open the monument by the Victory Day (May 9 2016). Failing that it will be Nov. 7 2016, the 99th anniversary of the October Revolution. The last date is Dec. 20 2016, the birthday of the dictator.

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