A monument to the members of deer transportation batallion

The Fund of Saami Inheritance and Development has announced the collection of money to build a monument in memory of members of the deer transportation batallion.


On October 1941 seven deer transportation groups were formed in the Lovozero district. Their aims were to deliver supplied, conduct recognaissance missions, salvage airplanes shot over the tundra, and take the wounded away. The deer proved to be the only effective form of transportation in the tundra, where motorized vehicles and even horses were of no use. Thanks to deer over 10 thousand wounded were taken away, 17 thousand tonns of ammunition delivered, and 162 downed airplanes removed.

A short film (in Russian) on deer units in war:

Russia’s first memorial to deer transportation batallions was installed in 2012 in Nar’yan-Mar. No such monument exists in the Murmansk region.

If you wish to make a contribution to building the momorial, you will find banking info for the transfer at the Saami forum.



Вывоз раненых на оленьих нартах

A full-length film (in Russian) on deer units’ role in the Russian-German conflict of 1941-1945:


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