A near-official list of “permits required of foreigners” locations of the Murmansk oblast

“Coastline of the Kola Peninsula 10km wide from the Cape Krestovy to River Voron’ya. The area west of the River Voron’ya limited from south and west by the Tumanny to Kola road, railroad Kola to Pechenga and line from Pechenga to Dolgaya Schel’ bay except the named populated points, auto and railroads, and the city of Murmansk that can be passed through via the railroad, automobile from Kola via the P-21 highway (Zapolarny-Kola-Murmansk highway). The area limited from the north with a straight line from Cape Veliky to the 19km sign of the regional highway from Mushukovo to Snezhnogorsk, from the west auto road Mushukovo-Snezhnogorsk and P-21 (“Kola”), from the south the northern edge of the city of Murmansk on the west coast of the Kola Bay, from the east – coast of the Kola Bay, indicated part of the auto road from Mishukovo to Snezhnogorsk to the 19km post on the road, and also the coastline of the Kola Peninsula 15km wide from Fedorovka Bay to Dolgaya Bay and the river of Dolgaya, with transit to the said stretch along the Kola-Teriberka road. Kandalaksha Bay area one kilometer wide along the coast limited by Cape Kochinny and Cape Titov in the west and Cape Nosok and Cape Sharapov in the east.”

Verbatim translation from the legal database http://base.garant.ru/104408/#friends#ixzz52ieOjGGm
(August 22 2016 edition)

I’m sure many travellers would be delighted to see that on the map. I’d greatly appreciate if someone was to put the areas on the map, clearly indicating which towns and villages fall within the “permits required” zone.


At last, here is a map of restricted areas, thanks to Erling Vaagnes or Norway. The map is for orientation purposes only, precision is by no means guaranteed. 

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A near-official list of “permits required of foreigners” locations of the Murmansk oblast — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks Uncle_Pasha,
    this was a useful post for two Norwegians planning to paddle in White Sea/Kola area this coming summer (2018)
    Do you think the information is still up to date?
    You mentioned in your post that a map would have been good? See attached file for a draft version of such a map based your description

    best regards
    Erling Vaagnes

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