Gornitsa (“Upper Chamber”) cafe

Кафе-блинная "Горница"Ironically, “Upper Chamber” is in a basement. Specious and usually empty, it is suitable for events. The menu is minimalistic. But it is open till midnight, and run by a bunch of fun-loving locals who get progressively happier as the day nears its end, the fact a hard core immersion and authenticity connoisseur is certain to uppreciate.

The address is Spekoka 32.

spekovUlitsa Spekova is the one that starts from the statue of a Soviet hero  after whom it was named throwing a hand grenade at evil Finns who dared to refuse the Russian demand for land. That’s a late 30s business, when Russia mirrored German invasion of Poland. The participants of the aggression are still considered heros, not victims of times when it was about impossible not get immersed in evil and stupidity as an active participant.

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