A request from a proud compatriot

nullThis time it is that I announce news that are all over all two of local papers and at the top of the municipal site. Ekaterina Lavrentyeva of Kandalaksha just won a downhill toboganning competition in Umhausen, Austrial and is now this world’s No. 1 in the sport. Kandalaksha and its residents finally feel they’ve made a suitable contrubution to convince the All Powerful to let this world drag on for just a bit more. I wonder what medication one needs to take to overcome the barrier against public display of silliness build into most human adults. One can’t just put on ridiculous suit and slide downhill in an incongruous posture without some sort of brain chemistry adjustment, can one? Somebody, please, take me out of here.

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A request from a proud compatriot — 2 Comments

  1. Good that Vasily Ivanovich does not see that or else you’d be in trouble. Tobogan and naturbahn are different! This article is about naturbahn damn it! The one introduced to Russia by our dear Vasily Ivanovich. The one who trained Lubov Panyutina, European Champion (1997) and twice World Champion (1992, 1998)! She too is from Kandalaksha. Specialized Olympic Reserve Children and Junior Sports School of Naturbahn was established in Kandalaksha in 1990. Perhaps you don’t give a f*ck but it is important to those into or close to this sport.

    Vasily Semirozumenko in my livejournal: http://alexandragor.livejournal.com/91250.html

  2. (a) I am not to be shown joyful faces till I’m fully awake. This one is just too full of it.

    (b) Of course they are different. Tobogan is a vehicle. Naturbahn, or “natural track”, is the type of downhill slope. You use a tobogan to go down the naturbahn.

    (c) The Olympics craze got me, and anything sports related annoys me.

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