A short film on Luvenga

luvengaTV-21 is a Murmansk news channel. Scroll to near the bottom of tv21.ru/news/?newsid=34292 to see a short film on Luvenga, 14km south-east from Kandalaksha. The film is in Russian. Its main point is that of all places the author had seen Luvenga is the only one where the locals would not prefer to be elsewhere. I’d like to remark, based on my own observations, that life satisfaction here, in southern Kola, seems to be higher than anywhere else I’ve observed in Russia. I will even venture to offer an explanation. In central Russia, during most of its history, escape was an ever-present option, thus evolutionary pressure for malcontents. Here at nearly the end of the world, on the other hand, people had to learn to like what they had, or else. Malcontents got weeded out and got replaced by a breed of happy campers.

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