A simple functional $20/night double hotel in the center of Murmansk to recommend

The building that houses this “apartment hotel” looks bit dumpy, murmansk-hotel-building

and the entrance is downright scary,but inside you’ll find a clean well-equipped apartment with five double rooms that rent for 1200 roubles (under $20 as of Nov. 2015 exchange rate) per night.

murmansk-hotel-1 Clean bedding is supplied,murmansk-hotel-2 murmansk-hotel-corridor

and the shared kitchen is well equipped with all the essentials better I’ve ever seen in similar establishments.
murmansk-hotel-kitchen murmansk-hotel-kitchen-2 murmansk-hotel-kitchen-3

Two small showers and two toilet cubicles are clean and functional.


We stayed at their ulitsa Burkova 29, apt. 13 location (+7 8152 446252). Other locations are Somova 7 (+7 8152 448337), Tarana 21 (+7 8152 440130), and Leningradskaya 29/5, apt. 32 (+7 8152 450705). For more info, including description of their apartments in addition to “apartment hotels”, see www.murmanvecher51.ru.

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