A variety of vegetarian/vegan products in a local sausage shop

Today I was dragged by my mate Alexandra to a local sausage store on the main square, opposite the T-34 tank, where I discovered a good part of the freezer with specifically vegetarian/vegan products.

Falafels, several sorts of vegan patties (beet, carrot, cabbage), bliny stuffed with tofu, half a dozen types of dumplings and a few other types of meat substitutes.

No tofu by itself and none of my favourite fake hotdogs though. The nearest source of tofu remains the city of Apatity some 120km north, in the recently opened Perekrestok (“crossroads”) store at the entrance to the city.

So yes, the rating of Russia as a vegetarian-tolerant country continues going up. That is not to say it is exactlyi “vegetarian-friendly”. Not yet.

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