A white whales report from Nilmoguba from a friend of ours

By Doctor Morita

This is the site of the establishment: pkrug.ru. Our story starts with the difficulties and discomforts of wearing a “dry wetsuit” that makes it quite hard to dive.

Two young white whales from the Okhotsk Sea live in Nilmoguba.

As all youngsters, these white whales are curious and playful, coming to the surface to look at people.

That’s us getting into water in a pregnant penguin manner, an illustration of what a dry wetsuit does to you.

I’m under a deep impression that our attempts at swimming were a source of entertainment for the whales. They circled around, regularly poked us into bellies, looked into our eyes, nibbled us. It is beyond me to describe how easily and gracefully them move in water.

Feeding herring to them is one of the attractions.

To fingers white whales feel like wet rubber.

This scene may remind one of “Jaws” but in reality the whale is merely asking for fish.

We’ll be back to Nilmoguba. I am not a bit sorry about money spent there.

About Nilmoguba:

An old Pomor village on the White Sea coast in the Loukhi district of Karelia. Right on the polar circle, in the mouth of the Nil’ma river. 1700km from Moscow, 1050 from St. Petersburg. After Chupa (if going north) turn right by the “Polar Circle” sign and follow a dirt road for 30km towards the sea. The nearest train station is in Chupa. About 10 families live in Nil’moguba year round. There is a small store operating in the village.


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A white whales report from Nilmoguba from a friend of ours — 2 Comments

  1. Great place, Nilmoguba, Murmanskaya.
    Attached is photo of an endangered Western grey whale off northeastern Sakhalin. They will probably all be destroyed by the Sakhalin II project oil industry sonar pinging, and run into by high speed crew boats. Photo credit unknown.

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