Political assassinations and other Kandalaksha’s dirty undies

The author, a trusted source within the system, prefers to remain anonymous but here is the story, almost verbatim. Close enough to the original to be parenthesized. Here..


From time to time name Kandalaksha makes it to central news, usually in relation to high-profile murders. Here are some stories that shook our region recently.

  • Mayor of Kandalaksha arrested for bribe, 2007 [Bribes are no big deal but bribery charges are the evidence of invisible struggles.] Alexander Vikhorev was arrested during his attempt to bribe some deputies with 15 000 rubles for their votes. On 25th May 2007 he was sentenced to 2.5 years or probation. He was also prohibited to occupy official posts for 3 years. [15 th. roubles, or $500 in 2007, is not a meaningful amount of money for a district-level politician. Sounds contrived but I’m not into that technology.]

P.S. Three years later he again was elected Head of Kandalaksha. 

  • Mayor of Kandalaksha killed, 2008. [I think it was the famous Nina Varlamova, in honor of whom the church to be build is dedicated to St. Nina, the “enlightener of Georgia”. Some say it was an isolated madman, not part of a pattern.]
  • After Alexander Vikhorev, on 16th December 2007 a new candidate Nina Varlamova overtook the position of a mayor.  However, that didn’t last long. In a year she was knifed near her house. She died on her way to the hospital. It happened on 16th December 2008, right on the day of her 1st anniversary of being the mayor.
  • Deputy of Kandalaksha shot, 2012. It happened on 23 October 2012, when a 31-year old deputy Mikhail Pavlov was on his way to work. He was shot in the back in daytime right in front of the City Hall. Mikhail was at once delivered to hospital, and then to the Murmansk hospital by helicopter. Deputies’ liver and the lung were seriously injured. Despite that he managed to recover quickly.

P.S. One year ago his elder brother Sergey was also shot at. None of these attempted killers have been apprehended.

A lot for a small town, even by Russian scale. Think twice before becoming a politician in Kandalaksha.”

Source name withheld but the above all sounds vaguely familiar from teh general news stream.

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