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Although these days I’m not often found in low-life drinking establishments and I absolutely detest smoking tobacco, this image somehow seems to capture my essence. The photo will soon be replaced with something more respectable that would appeal to proper people.

This is me, Paul Voytinsky, in Russia usually addressed as “Pasha” or “Uncle Pasha”.

“Uncle” here is a title of respect that at the same time hints as the addressee’s humble social status. An ambiguous and somewhat self-contradictory form of address, as are most things in this Bizantinesque land.

Since 1994, when I made one of my life’s major errors of believing Russia will change its twisted ways, and dragged my ass back here, I’ve been teaching English, assisting travellers, and doing miscellaneous errands ranging from helping in a Russian wife quest to busines scouting and compiling industry reports.


Uncle Pasha can be friendly sometimes

A list of my sites and projects, active, barely alive, or dead, is at unclepasha.com.   How can I be of assistance to someone contemplating a trip to Russia or even doing business here? Write to info@kandalaksha.su.

Full contact details are here.


My most involved colleague and the next in charge is Alexandra, a historian with specialization in arctic biological stations and weirdos who set them up at the time when a reasonable man would be busy saving his behind. She is depicted with a skull because one of her jobs is measuring Common Eider eggs with a vernier caliper in the islands comprising the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve whose site she administers. Finding dead human bodies in various stages of decomposition is an unavoidable side product of monitoring bird population on White Sea islands. Alexandra’s main site is www.alexandra-goryashko.net. If I appear to be out of circulation for whatever reason please write to Alexandra to alexandragor4@yandex.ru. She thoroughly knows my affairs and my clients, usually participates in my projects quite actively, understands written English perfectly well, is in the habit of replying fast and to the point, and will most definitely help you if/when I fall out of circulation.

Close colleagues

I’m no longer in Moscow but if you are looking for all-around support services of the sort I was providing, contact my most formidable competitor Olesya. See www.russiangirlfriday.com She is thorough and reliable but her e-mail answering habits are, well.. But once get starts working she is entirely OK. SHE IS IN A GOOD POSITION TO HELP RUSSIAN BRIDE SEEKERS.

Copy of surIf you are contacting me about the Staritsa period of my life, I’m pleased to say that the dacha and horses project is still alive in Dima’s capable hands. See www.russian-horse-rides.com or write to senior.polyackoff@yandex.ru with a copy to me, to info@kandalaksha.su. I no longer have any official connections with the project but monitoring the progress of foreign visitors going to my former dacha, especially if these are new to Russia, is something I still do out of habit.

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  1. Паш, а нельзя ли отсюда Олесю убрать? Сотрудничества все равно не будет. И взаимности тоже.

  2. hello, my name is Nicolo I am an old acquaintance of Paul, I find your website very enjoyable and I admire nature and the clever ironical approach to everything….my job is waste to energy, but unfortunately Paul gave me very discouraging news of possible application there with you, due to lowest petrol and gas prices. I am would be very interested in reading more about anthropological findings in your wild wild world. Bye

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