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  1. No, this is the telephone number of an ordinary dormitory. See below. Nothing further was discovered in Alakurtti related to hotels.


    “Dear Guests of the village of Alakurtti! Are you looking for a place to stay for the night? We can offer you cozy hotel type rooms for 2-3 persons, paid nightly. Call us at +7 911 314 4155 or +7 911 336 3863. We are always pleased to see you!

  2. Feedback from Timo Laine, for whom I’ve found this offer:

    The private accommodation in Alakurtti was a very nice experience. The place was called hotel in an advert that I saw, but it’s not a hotel in the ordinary meaning of the word. The old wooden house is divided into a private part and a visitors’ part. I got a nice simple room upstairs and there was a kitchen at my disposal downstairs. The place is run by a friendly hard-working couple. They had just opened the house, so they were still learning things, but they did have the right attitude to what they were doing.

    In Alakurtti I was woken up half past seven in the morning, because a frontier guard wanted to check my documents. Someone had seen me in the village the previous evening, so he knew where he would find me. The couple told me they can come and check your documents even in the middle of the night. For me that was just funny and exciting, but I don’t think every foreign tourist would love this kind of police state mentality. The atmosphere of mistrust covers local people as well. I was told they sometimes have to show their passports, when they are picking berries outside the village.

    You can freely use my descriptions above to inform other visitors.

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