Back from Alakurtti

t-27A miniature tank (2.7 tons, 2 operators) was what impressed me most in this semi-abandoned military town. Read more about this cute T-27 here.




The famous agro-tourism center seems to be under construction at the turn to Alakurtti from the main road although no active work was noticed happening there at the moment.

agro-villageNo cafes or restaurants, not a single one in the whole town of just under 5000. There is however one confirmed report of accommodation in Alakurtti.


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Back from Alakurtti — 3 Comments

  1. Looks like fun, the T27 Tankette. A bit like the ones we saw in Ryazan. Interesting that it was born out of Anglo Soviet cooperation. Probably easier to sneak across the Ukrainian border better than the large ones.

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