Pasha vs. Alexandra


Pasha in the White Sea mud that’s considered to cure a multitude of medical conditions but remained powerles against bad attitude.

Uncle Pasha – the main but not fortunately not the only creative force behind this site – has a peculiar quirk in how he sees things. The place where he is at the moment is declared the deepest shithole of them all. Facts he quotes are usually true taken by themselves but their selection is highly biased. I’ve seen him describe the difficulties and idiocies of village living in central Russia. Then he he switched to describing the most disgusting parts of Moscow, or presenting its beauties in the most unappealing way. And now Kandalaksha is his target. I ask our readers to make a mental correction for Pasha’s mental set. If looking for information, you are most welcomed to contact me, not him. Of course I will have to get our inhouse misomaniac to translate what I ma find but I will closely monitor that he injects none of his usual plentiful venom. Otherwise, with the main writer doing all to scare potential travellers away from this unique corner of Russia, the Kandalaksha project is not likely to work.

With a positive difference,


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  1. Because “disclaimer” is not the right word here. “Disclaimer” denies an implied claim. Your story in fact makes a claim. You can post what you like as long at it is readable and makes sense. Otherwise I’ll edite it. Or, of the story is beyond repair, delete it.

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