An overview of Finnish policy towards Russia

Here is a Foreign Policy article I’ve stumbled into, How Finland Became Europe’s Bear Wisperer by Reid Standish, with a comprehensive yet comprehensible overview of how Finland managed to retain functional relations with Russia while remaining on the “western” side of the line. Recommended to anyone with an interest in the Russian-Finnish politics and Russia’s relations with its smaller neighbours. I confess that in my radical younger days I considered Finland’s policies “wimpish” but am now close to recognizing the wisdom of this country’s collective mind.

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An overview of Finnish policy towards Russia — 1 Comment

  1. Always friends with Russia. Your people are actually our people 25-50% Finnish genetically. dont worry, mother Russia strong as ever has been. Anglo-saxons try to harass, but eventually they have to give up. Peace on earth.

    “Я люблю тебя жизнь”

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