Personal exhibition of Anna Mikhailova, Petrozavodsk, March 4-26 2014

1Held at the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia in Petrozavodsk(ulitsa Lenina 1,,(8142) 780 240
Тел.: (8142) 782 702).

Watercolours. The series is called “The Call of the North Star” and the inspiration for these paintings, as for most others by this author, is from the north and particularly the north-west.

For details see Museum’s site

The author, Anna Mikhailova (alternative spelling: Mihailova, Russian Анна Михайлова) is based in St. Petersburg. She work with watercolours and oil in the studios of S. F. Melnikov (С. Ф. Мельников), A.V. Durandin (А. В. Дурандин), and V.V. Volkov (В. В. Волков). Ms. Mikhailovskaya actively participates in the exhibitions of the St. Petersburg Artists Union and of the Watercolours Society. Her words are in mostly in provate collection in Russia, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Ireland, Norway, and Portugal. She also works in the Chinese guohua style, with ink on silk and paper. Ann combines trips with painting. She is also a volunteer as the Kola Center of Nature Preservation. About the exhibiton, in Russian: 

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