Another crazy cyclist victim of Russian roads

tsin-korean-cyclistYesterday a piece of news about Ms. Tsin, a cyclist from Korea pedalling her way from Finland to Murmansk, reached me, followed by a today’s update to the effect that she got into an accident. It appears she got off lightly thought, and will present herself to the public at the New York Coffee in Murmansk tomorrow as scheduled.

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Another crazy cyclist victim of Russian roads — 6 Comments

  1. re: the Korean girl winter bicyclist to Murmansk
    North Korean winters are bitterly cold, with heavy snowfall in their mountains. Most of the Chinese and U.S. wounded in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir in North Korea, November 26-December 1,1950, during the Korean War, 1950-1953, were from -40 C. cold, heavy snowfall, and frostbite.

  2. Do you have any further information regarding this cyclist? She is widely followed on the web but she has posted nothing for two months.

    Thank you for any help.

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