Another high-profile accusation. Vasily Shambir, Murmansk Parliament speaker.

Just came out in the news. The speaker of the Murmansk regional parliament, Vasily Shambir, is accused of stealing 42 million roubles ($1 million something) from the Kandalaksha Experimental Machine Building Factory while being its shareholder, member of the board of directors, and director-general.

Essentially stealing from himself, if I understand the story right. As I’m seeing more about these cases (not that I want to) it appears that the technology is to buy the largest package of shares and to drain juices off the enterprise that’s temporary under your control. That’s how $$ is made here. Too bad that I started understanding how things work when already out of steam and other resource. On the other hand, that was a sure route to the graveyard in the 90s and to prison now, and no wealth is worth a week in the Russian prison.

The Kandalaksha Experimental Machine Factory is a notorious case of after-liberalization mass theft, and a couple of days ago I heard an entirely ordinary muzhik bragging how he got a tiny piece of it in exchange for a bottle of vodka to the night watchman.

Every region went through violent property and power wars. Murmansk is a bit of a time warp and it going through killings and high-profile theft accusations right now. Anybody interested in how it was during the perestroyka and wanting to catch a glimpse of how it was in the 90s is welcomed to the Murmansk region.

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