Are there shamans in Kola? – Sorry to disappoint you, no.

On average I get a couple of questions about shamans per year. The most recent one came yesterday.

Sorry, I know none.

I suspect there are none. Too small to start with, no motivation compared to that in Judaism or Christianity to resist and persist. If a shaman gives up is he damned? Probably not. So what’s the point of lingering to these believes in a hostile environment?

But if thrill seekers insist and there is enough demand I’m ready to play one for an agreeable fee. Vodka fortified with Amanita muscaria will be one of the attractions. I actually tried ingesting a couple of these in the form of a mushroom soup. Slight agitation, then sleep, then somewhat cottony(?) head for a couple of hours. No visions. No high. But they taste good and not a hint of upset stomach. ONLY YOUNG RED ONES ARE EDIBLE!! OTHERS WILL MAKE YOU VOMIT AND RUN. TO AVOID LIABILITY I HEREBY SCREAM OUT LOUD: DON’T DO THESE THING!!!!there were vestiges of these at the end of the 19th century..


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