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Land Rover is one of the most environmentally friendly cars you can find. It puts the oil back in the earth.

The situation with auto repair here sucks big. As an owner of an old British jeep designed to test owner’s patience and to keep the repair industry afloat I find myself in an intense and prolonged predicament here.

No, I cannot recommend a specific garage or a service center. If your car is down, feel free to ask, and I just may be able to issue some constructive advice. With some luck you’ll leave Kandalaksha under your own steam but no, this town may have its share of artists and literati (see eg. but no auto mechanics in numbers anywhere near enough to look after a population of 40 thousand with at least one decaying car per household.

I should add opening a proper list repair shop to the list of business niches screaming to be filled. Done. Here is a new category that I’ll call Business scene. There I’ll list opportunities screaming to be filled.

The closest place where you can realistically get your car fixed is Murmansk, and here is a summary of what I’ve been told or dug up about the auto repair scene there.

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  1. Hmmm. Can they repair Lada Nivas in Kandalaksha? You must be a masochist to own a Land Rover in Kandalaksha. Attached is pic of my 1975 ex Swiss Army Steyr Daimler Puch Pinzgauer personnel carrier, I use to haul dogs. It has air cooled engine, runs great in -40 C. temperatures. Except the windshield (windscreen) wipers were intended for Egypt. They are a problem.

  2. 1975 ex Swiss Army, Steyr Daimler Puch Pinzgauer personnel carrier, dog hauling excursions truck. Has air cooled engine. Runs great in -40 C. ambient temperatures.

    • I’m back. Not quite myself yet. I didn’t know Norwegians could drive 100km/hr over bare ice. Just being a passenger wore me out. Yes, LR was indeed a crappy choice for Kandalaksha or anywhere else but Niva would probably have been even worse. I’ve decided against Niva after contemplating faces of Niva drivers. They (faces) always look tired making it obvious that operating one of these cars is real work. At least our LR starts, burns little fuel, can haul a lot (I love diesel engines), and I sort of know my way around it, which also helps. Not much to chose from here really. UAZ military jeep is about standard for our situation but I’m too much of a whimp to drive something designed by and for tough Russian muzhiks. They are also beyond unreliable. Tried co-existing with one for a year. No way I’ll do it again.

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