Back from Kirovsk

Highlights of the trip:

(1) The local history museum, with a visit to the house where the decision to establish the city was made:


(2) The famous “Snow Village”. The place is huge! This year’s theme is old Soviet cartoons:

kirovsk-snow-village kirovsk-snow-village-2

(3) And, of course, a long snowmobile ride (4 hours, ~100km) through the Khibiny mountains with famous Kola Expeditions:

kirovsk-snowmobile kirovsk-snowmobile-2

(4) A visit to the town’s most epic ruin, the Kirovsk Train Station that operated from about 1940 to 1996:

kirovsk-train-station  kirovsk-train-station-2

Once again, Kirovsk impressed me as an active dynamic place, well equipped to receive travellers and to keep them entertained, with plentiful accommodation options, several museums, and a developed tourist industry.

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