Ban on wild deer hunting

Murmansk regional government decree No. 221-ПП/7 of 25 april 2014 bans totally wild deer hunting in the entire Kola Peninsula. No permits will be issued. Reason: after long deliberation wild raindeer was included in the “Red Book of Endangered Species”. 

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Ban on wild deer hunting — 4 Comments

  1. Потому что северный олень, после долгих рассуждений и обсуждений, таки включен в Красную книгу Мурманской области. Добавьте к основной информации, плиз.

    • Do they arrest deer poachers and send them to prison? Attached is photo of “Satao”, 45 years old, one of world’s largest elephants, killed May 30, 2014 by poachers in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya, for his ivory tusks, for China.

      • Haven’t heard of anyone being arrested for deer hunting. A cursory check shows large fines (around the equivalent of $10 thousand US) but no stories of actual arrests.

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