Bar “Okolitsa”

6I had a beer there three or four years ago, and was most delighted today do discover that this time capsule is still around. Okolitsa (“the outskirts”) caters to the aluminum smelter workers, active or retired, mostly certified alcoholics. 7As basic as it gets. Beer and chips, with an open-face sandwich and a home-made pickle to priviledged clients. Most of the intact part of the building is occupied by public baths, open 9am to 9pm daily, Friday 12 noon to 9pm. Tuesdays and Saturdays are for women, and Wednesdays, Friday, and Sundays are for men. After 9pm you can have the whole banya for 750 roubles ($25) per hour regardless of the number of persons.

The place certainly qualifies to be listed under Filming locations, along with Stolovaya No. 12, a 1970s time capsule. But I’d place Okolitsa into early 90s, the time of freedom, anarchy, and makeshift style.

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