Bird watching

Somateria mollissima. Males and females. Spring

Somateria mollissima, mating season

A serious-sounding discussion is presently happening in Kandalaksha about setting up bird watching tours.

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The Kandalaksha Bay is a wetland habitat of international significance, recognized by the Ramsar Convention (link to down as of April 11 2015). The variety of habitats (forest, tundra, sea shore, or islands) attract hundreds of species that migrate through the Kola peninsula or live here permanently. Many of them are are or even listed as endangered species.

There are no conditions of the sort a western bird-watcher expects. Nor are there many guides qualified and available. 

At the moment we can provide transportation and accommodation for bird-watchers. We do have English and German speakers but these have but very general knowledge of birds.

Bookmark this site and come back for bird sighting reports that will be added soon!

A series of photos made by an amateur bird-watcher in the summer of 2013 in Karelia and on the Kola peninsula are HERE.


PS. Since writing the above note I’ve had translated est. 50 pages on local avifauna and can probably pretend to be qualified to translate/interpret on birds and related subjects.



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