Birds of the White Sea


At the end of March or the beginning of April 2014 photographer Ruth Maclennan from UK is visiting Chupa. She’ll hold a workshop on nature photography. To sign up contact Julia Suprunenko at

Ruth will also be collecting materials for her future film and for our Bird Atlas in the making. Those with a passion for the White sea are invited to participate. As of the moment 82 people have signed up and a total of 39 th. roubles (just under $1000) have been raised.

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Birds of the White Sea — 7 Comments

  1. re: Bird Atlas, Chupa, & re: KARTESH, Chupa
    Where are your birds people staying at Chupa?
    I’ve been studying the Russian Academy of Sciences KARTESH White Sea Biological Station at Chupa inlet, and their research there:
    I’d like to spend the whole summer there !!!

  2. Pasha, translate please DONE

    Вы можете связаться напрямую с ребятами, работающими в Чупе. Координатор птичьего проекта Julia Suprunenko at Кроме птичьего, у них есть еще несколько интересных программ. Там же в Чупе есть яхт-клуб, я писала о нем где-то на сайте. – You can contact the Chupa guys direct. Julia Suprunenko ( coordinates that project. There is a yacht-club in Chupa, and I mentioned it somewhere on the site.

    Биологическая станция Картеш – научное учреждение Зоологического института Академии наук. Просто побыть там никак невозможно. Строго ограниченное место, помещения, рассчитана только на прием определенного числа научных сотрудников и студентов для биологических исследований. Впрочем, сейчас станция Картеш активно ищет повара на летний сезон:) Информация тут – The Kartesh station belongs to the Zoology Institute of the Academy of Sciences. It is not possible to “just visit”. They have just enough space for their researchers and students. But at the moment the station is actively looking for a cook for the summer season 🙂 All the info is at

    Еще один момент. Некоторые районы Карелии требуют обязательной регистрации приезжих иностранцев. Это лучше проверить, там реально следят за этим. – And another point. In some areas of Karelia foreigners must be registered. Check where it applies. Usually this requirement can be ignored but in some places in Karelia the rule is enforced.

  3. HI, I will be visiting the Karelia and Kola Peninsula region at the end of July and would be happy to give you any of my sightings which might be of use in your Atlas. I am wondering is there any English/Latin list of birds to be seen in the area so I can get an idea of what to look out for? Best of luck with the project!

    • Hello Jim, thanks for your comment! We will be very grateful for information on your supervision! Aleksandra wrote about the list of Latin names of birds. Write, than we can help you, we live in Chupa is a Northern Karelia.
      Achievements in the project and execution of all conceived!

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