Birdwatching offers on the Kola Peninsula

flameThe recent announcement of the publication of Birding Across the Borders has resulted in a bit of a flame in Alexandra’s Livejournal about the propriety and wisdom of advertising a guide that cannot, as of the moment, be bought unless one applied heroic effort to procure it.

The flame, however, has prompted Alexandra to review and compile existing local birdwatching offers, which I’m here sharing with you.

First, it is Kola Travel, with three tour options: north, south, or central Kola Peninsula. We personally know the company as real and active, and able to receive international travellers, but can’t say anything about their birdwatching tours as such.

Second, there is an offer, called the White Sea Islands, from the Nature for Everyone Club, promising island accommodation, transportation by boat, and a biologist as a guide. We don’t know anything about it beyond what’s on their announcement on

Third, birdwatching was found among the offers of Recreational Camp Travyanaya in the village of Zelenoborsky. No details though, and we can share no personal knowledge of this camp either.

Forth, there is an offer from people of our acquaintance who run Polar dolphin in Chupa. They’ve started to do birdwatching tours recently, but the local National Geographic already saw fit to run an article on them.


And, my humble self can take you to many places mentioned in the Birding Across the Borders guide with a minimum of fuss and cost, and arrange either conventional or camp-style accommodation and food as we go, at a reasonable cost. Write to with your plans, questions, and concerns.

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