The village of Black River on the White Sea

The village of Black River in North Karelia is as isolated place as I’ve ever seen, with absolutely no car access. To get there you need to arrange to be met with a boat at the Polyarny Krug camp in Nilma. The permanent (wintering) population is 7-10 persons, and it gets up to a hundred in the summer. Locals don’t generally like tourists but if you have a valid reason to visit this community populated mostly by Moscow biologists they may welcome you. Below are a few of many photos taken during our recent 4-day stay in Black River.


Just loaded onto a boat at the Polarny Krug camp at Nilma


“Split” rock, one of local attractions.


Every village appears to have a local doll-maker these days.


We stayed in this small but remarkably comfortable house.



A sign marking the arctic circle. Black river is just south of it.


Locally grown cucumbers are some of the best I’ve ever tasted.



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