British cemetery in the outskirts of Murmansk

british-cemetery-murmanskThere is said to be a British military cemetery in Murmansk by Planernoye Pole (“Glider Field”), with 40 graves from 1917-1918, when an international effort was made to bail Russia out of trouble. They were moved there from from their original location at ulitsa Burkova when an amusement rides park was build there in 1970s. Most graves are symbolic, a few are real. Origin:

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British cemetery in the outskirts of Murmansk — 5 Comments

  1. Attached is photo of the Russian cemetery at Fort Ross, California, Pacific coast, established in 1812. It was the most southerly Russian settlement in North America. Today the fort is a California State Park.

  2. Shame! Why do you so much like turning places of rest into dumps?! No wonder no one wants to travel to the Igor-n-Natasha land. Want our business? Clean up. Starting with your hearts if you have any of that left. And your brains, that you obviously have (witness the skillfully orchestrated Crimean takeover) but they are bent on evil.

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