Buddhist stupa at the turn from the Murmansk highway to Apatity

buddhism-stupa-1During our trip to Apatity yesterday we’ve noticed a structure, made of concrete, that did not appear to belong to these places – it looked like a buddist stupa. Stopped to closely examine it, and it indeed turned out to be one.

buddhism-stupa-2On return did some reading on the subject. It appears we missed the ritual of “sanctification” of this monument by one day.

buddhism-stupa-5We’ve also dug up some materials on the monument on our return to Kandalaksha, and rummaged through our memories. The story of putting up a buddhist stupa has been going on for at least two years, initiated by two entrepreneurs from Apatity. The project stumbled into the land allocation issue. Apparently there is another similar structure somewhere along the Apatity to Kirovsk road. For a full compilation of articles on the subject, in Russian, see Alexandra’s livejournal.

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