Business opportunities in Kandalaksha

I’ve set up this category, Business, for the benefit of those asking me about setting up a business in Russia.

This is a town of freaking 40 thousand, yet it has

  • no bookstore
  • no used car lot
  • no antique shop
  • no flea market
  • no greengrocer
  • no health food store
  • etc. etc. etc.

It is surrounded by woods full of berries and mushrooms, and these are intensely harvested, sold to wholesalers, and shipped hundreds of miles south for processing. No processing is done locally.

It has scores of hunters but no gun shop.

And local situation with auto repairs is beyond bad and is worth a separate story. See elsewhere under Businss.

But don’t rush to sell your house and come here. There is a reason why business niches remain open. Over-regulation beyond anything imaginable, low-quality or nonexistent workforce, and generally undeveloped infrastructure are among the reasons why most ideas won’t make it to reality. Investigation of the business scene is among the most valuable services I can offer to a Klondike seeker. The answer will more than disappoint you. Still, it is better to spend three thousand for a thorough investigation and report (a quick and somewhat dirty oveview of the situation can cost much less) than sink 30 into a project doomed from the beginning. See Services.


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Business opportunities in Kandalaksha — 6 Comments

  1. re: manufacture home heating, sawdust logs “briquettes” from waste sawdust
    I think this would work in Kandalaksha, manufacture briquetted sawdust logs, from waste sawdust, to use in wood stoves for home heating.
    Attached is a photo of what they look like.
    It requires waste sawdust from a sawmill, or furniture manufacture company.
    The sawdust is dried, then compressed under high pressure in a briquetting machine into a small log suitable for wood stoves.
    In U.S.A. these briquetted waste sawdust home heating logs are sold under the name “Presto-Logs” since the 1930s.

    • What to they cost, per cubic meter or foot? Or by weight. They’d need to compete with logs, and logs. Remember that this is a community where $700/month is average, and $1000 is almost very good, and the overall price level is high. Will people go for it? Especially when they can hitch a unility trailer to their car, get a very cheap household-scale permit to gather windfall, and get it themselves? I tend to be skeptical about there being a market for it at all.

      • re: Presto-Logs, or briquetted waste sawdust wood stove logs

        The BTUs heating value of them is 3x more than new cut firewood stored outdoors, because they are much drier.
        They are bought mainly for convenience, and the high BTUs heating value.
        You don’t have to drive 40 kms. outside of Kandalaksha in a blizzard in September, to cut your own firewood, pay for the gas for your vehicle, and for your chainsaw, get saturated in chainsaw oil from your chainsaw, get soaking wet, and get influenza and pneumonia from doing this, while I’m heating my cabin to +30 C. with my waste sawdust logs, and reading by the fire.
        Alternatively, as I proposed, another idea is to use waste screened, dried wood shavings for animals bedding, for animals to sleep on and make nests in.
        A third idea is to use shredded waste paper for animals bedding.

  2. Another idea is to manufacture animals bedding, that is, animals nesting material from waste wood shavings from a sawmill or furniture manufacturing company at Kandalaksha. This would require drying the wood shavings, screening them, and packaging them in bales. Attached is a photo of what they look like. These can be used as nesting material for small and large animals.

    • Have you looked into the demand side? Something tells me it will work when people move out of their apartments and take up hobby farming on mass scale. One cubic meter of lose wood shavings sells for an equivalent of $20 as fuel.

      • $10 USD per cubic meter for fresh woodshavings and sawdust at a sawmill in Saguache, Colorado, population 500.

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