Campsite “Golden Bay”

A new tourist camp (“turbaza”) discovered near Umba. Not easy to access but appears to be damn attractive of a place. Guests are put up here:

zol_buxta_1A conventional house and a bath (“banya”)are also available.

Entertainment: fishing and diving.

We’ve only been able to find this place’s telephone number. Here: +7 911 347 5506

zol_buxta zol_buxta_2 zol_buxta_3Accessible by 4×4 only. The camp is on the seashore near the Turiy Cape, about 30km from Umba and 3km from Tetrina fishing base.

We won’t tell you about the latter because its owner, a petty tyrant of a character, told us he does not wish to receive foreigners, instead preferring to teach his own people about their past. But perhaps the owner will change his mind, and Uncle Pasha will get inspiration to tell you about Tetrina. For now you can see photos from there on my blog >>

Thanks Olga Boman for info and pictures of the new camp above.

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