A night-time tour of Kandalaksha – am I still capable of staying up and active until 6am?

Motivated by greed, I’ve conceded to give an overview tour of Kandalaksha and area on the night from Saturday to Sunday, starting at 1am and ending at 6am. Now, as the day or, rather, night, approaches I’m starting to have doubts about the wisdom of my decision. Somehow staying up all night is something that no longer seems easy although I worked as a night watchman for a considerable time in Canada in my younger days. We’ll see if I’m still capable of pulling it off..

Free guide for English speaking travelers to Kandalaksha.

Here is a message from one of my English students:
My name is Irina and I’m studying English for the third year now. I freely read books and watch movies but I desperately need English conversation practice. If you are not afraid my bad English I will be your guide and show you around Kandalaksha.
I’ve been living here for twelve years and there hardly is a question about the town that I can’t answer. Where to stay, where to eat, what to visit, how to enjoy your trip – just ask.
Please email me mast.ruk@yandex.ru or call +7 911 3050721. I’m available on weekends.

A recent film “Pearls of Kandalaksha”. And one of its participants as your free guide around the city.

pearls-of-kandalakshaThis very recent film is in Russian but conveys beautiful scenery of the city and area. The story is about the Bagryanitsa (“purple robe”) garments shop that specializes in traditional local dresses and hand embroidery. (Attention those looking for non-trivial quality souvenirs!)

What can be of particular interest to you travelers is that the daughter of the shop’s owner will be glad to give you a tour of the facility or of the entire city, absolutely free of charge in exchange for the opportunity to practice her English! Write to Irina, with a copy to me (manfriday@yandex.ru).

Just a reminder that free accommodation and guides are waiting for you in Kandalaksha

freeFree guide/accommodation: kandalaksha.su/free-accommodation-and-local-guidance-in-exchange-for-english-practice/

Free guide: kandalaksha.su/free-guide-in-kandalaksha/

What’s the catch? It’s in exchange for intensive English conversation practice. So you need to be very fluent in English, talkative, and outgoing. A couple of hours of work per day will get you a roof over your head without a need to pay for it, plus involvement in local life.

The Kandalaksha Yacht Club

Visited the Kandalaksha Yacht Club yesterday. Spoke with the owner Alexey, mostly about setting up an Eider museum on the property. Have been given a tour of the place. Were impressed with the scale, taste, and perspective.

Of things that can be of interest to a traveller from afar:

(a) Accommodation. Two rooms, each with two beds and a fold-out couch, 2500/night per room regardless of the number of guests. Breakfast included. Rooms are minimalistic with no windows but clean and fresh. Peteulok Rechnoy 22 (next door to the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve), tel. +7 911 304 8101. More on this accommodation option >> more >>

Free charming guide in Kandalaksha

iraIt is my pleasure to introduce Ira, my English student, who can act as your guide in Kandalaksha ABSOLUTELY FREE in exchange for English conversation practice. Ira is into making traditional Pomor dresses and gold embroidery, runs a shop together with her mom, and visits all sort of exhibitions and trade fairs with their products. Her English.. I’d rate it as bearable for someone resourceful and patient. Write me to manfriday@yandex.ru with any questions on Ira, or to contact her.

New guide to North Karelia

gid_kareliaKandalaksha publishing house “ЯВР” has just issued a new guide on North Karelia. It is in three languages: English, Finnish, and Russian. Available for around 90 roubles (under $3) at souvenir shops, hotels and other touristy hotspots in Kandalaksha.

Yes, we can mail it to you on request.

Other recent guides by “ЯВР”: “Kandalaksha and area” and “Ter coast”.

Vestiments shop one page summary

Today they ordered me an advertising text for the upcoming trade expo in Kirovsk or Apatity or whatever. As usual I ended up with a complete rewrite instead of a translation. I like them and what they do, and am happy to make my humble contribution to promoting them. Here is the text of the leaflet in the making:

Through epochs and generations

Gold embroidery – that’s what we are about.

more >>

Shoe repair

Unlike many things, shoe repair shops are available and plentiful this land. But the one on 12 Pervomaiskaya, Kandalaksha, stands out. It is one of very view remaining places able to make a boot from scratch. Leather, rubber, thread, your foot of course, a week of time, and you got it. Two pairs waiting to be picked up impressed me with their light weight, proper balance and easy feel, and total absence of that gaudy aesthetics that currently rules the scene.

Photos coming up. Movie makers in need of credible 1980s scenery make a note of the place. Only Odessa shoe repair shops using end of 19th century equipment impressed me more.