Our ecotourism friends in Chupa now have their site

It is for the time being Russian only although they do speak English. To help them access international audience I’ve prepared the following English summary of what they offer.

Arctic Dolphin Ecotourism. Chupa, Loukhi District, Republic of Karelia

1Skype: suprunenko.yuliya  Telephones: +7 921 227 1158, +7 953 537 3240, +7 953 537 3114  E-mail: yulka-tm@yandex.ru

This is a summary. For full version see polarny-delfin.ru, in Russian.

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Chupa invites ornithologists

2From our friends, Julia and Vasily from Chupa (Karelia):

Dear friends, all of us look for sea ornithologists for continuation of our ornithological researches on the White Sea!
Researches have to will take place at the end of May – the beginning of June, 2015.

Examine from articles about the beginning of our family ecological projects on the White Sea. www.xray-mag.com/content/research-and-adventure-white-sea-coast

We will be glad to your opinion!

Yours faithfully,
Yulia Suprunenko
Coordinator of the White Sea Project
Lighthouse Foundation


The second international scientific and practical conference “Natural and cultural heritage of the White Sea”. July 17-19, 2015. Chupa, Republic of Karelia, Russia

We invite you to take part in the second international scientific and practical conference “Natural and cultural heritage of the White Sea: prospects of preservation and development”. July 17-18-19, 2015. Chupa, Republic of Karelia, Russia

Organizes conference: NGO “Basin Council of the North Karelian Coast” With supported of Lighthouse Foundation


Photos from the Conference in 2014

Contacts: Yulia Suprunenko, e-mail: yulka-tm@yandex.ru, suprunenkoyuliya@mail.ru

  • Conference purpose:

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Christmas (Orthodox) holidays in Chupa, North Karelia

Our ecology friends from Chupa (North Karelia) keep coming up with new programs, and we keep spreading the word.

Having just attracted enough of those desiring to freeze their butts off during the New Year tour (31 декабря – 6 января), Julia and Vasily have immediately announced their invitation for the Christmas tour.


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Winter holidays on the White Sea in Chupa, Karelia

An invitation from our friends

Chupa is a village in the Loukhi district of Karelia, on the White Sea coast. Easy to get to by train from Moscow or St. Petersburg.

The cost is 24 000 roubles per adult. Children 6-17 60% off. Chldren up to 5 free.

Or 1840 if you don’t use the services of a cook and take your own products.

Skis, skates, sleighs, ice fishing and banya, Xmas tree, Pomor Ukha (fish soup), aurora borealis, and the famous Beluga whales!

Call us at +7 953 537 3114 and +7 921 227 1158 or write to yulka-tm@yandex.ru and suprunenkoyuliya@mail.ru


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A conference on natural and cultural inheritance of the White Sea: preservation and development

[mappress mapid=”2″][mappress mapid=”2″]white-sea-conferencePlace: Chupa, Karelia, July 18-20 2014. Organized by the North Karelia Basin Council. Two days of intense seminars and presentations on subjects related to the cultural landscape of the Karelia coast of the White Sea. All the Kandalaksha’s high society associated with the nature reserve or environment or culture seems to be heading there.

Ask for a ride! It’s about 3 hours from Kandalaksha. Several cars should be heading to Chupa from here.

Info taken from the site of the White Sea Biological Station, Department of Biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University.