The Chupa conference report

Translated from my mate Alexandra Goryashko’s blog. Myself I could not have written such a long and comprehensive article that captured the spirit of the event, thus…

The third scientific and practical conference “Natural and Cultural Inheritance of the White Sea: preservation and development” took place in Chupa from July 15 to July 17.

20150718_ijg_014 Pan копия
Photo by Igor Georgievsky

The conference was organized by the Basin Council of the North Karelian Coast and the Lighthouse Foundation. Conference organizers took a big chance holding the event so far not only from major science centers but away from major cities (300km to Murmansk, and 500km to Petrozavodsk).
General view of Chupa. Photo by Alexandra Goryashko.

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Chupa calls July 2016

rybakov-n-alexThe Third International Scientific and Practical Conference “Natural and Cultural Inheritance of the White Sea” is to be held in Chupa, Karelia on July 15, 16, and 17 2016.

The event is organized by the Basin Council of the North Karelian Coast, and Charitable Fund for the Preservation of Seas and Oceans “Lighthouse Foundation“.

Those wishing to attend or participate should contact Контакты: Julia Suprunenko at or

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“White Noise” on White sea

Presentin a rare, remarkable, and not very usual for Russia phenomenon when a well-known and popular rock, ethno, and electronic music festival was held in a small depressed village with no real economy and no jobs, and when the happening was locally initiated.


The White Noise festival was held in the village of Chupa on the White Sea, at the north end of Karelia, 20 miles from the arctic circle (66°33), on the Medvezhka (bear) peninsula. Performers and guests came here from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Karelia, the Murmansk region, and other places. This year there were about 2000 of them living in tents all over the peninsula. The organizers set up several cafes (including a vegetarian one with Indian food), brought potable water, installed toilet facilities. Also a fire show, art shows and exhibitions, a performance by jugglers, a fair of hand-made products, sea canoe rides, tours of the coast on motor-boats and sailing yachts, and diving were part of the festival.

The festival’s main sponsor was the Lighthouse Foundation fund (

Festival’s site: Next year’s dates will be announced there, and of course here on

Out of hundreds of photos of the event floating around images by Maria Brusnikina appeared to us to be most revealing. Below are several of them. All photos of Maria from the White Noise are here >>.


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Village of Chupa information center

Information Center of the Village of Chupa invites enquiries about the North-Karelian region.
Address: Ulitsa Korguyeva 7, office 8.
Tel./fax: +7 81439 41144
Mobile: +7 921 523 4498

Photo by Igor Georgievski

Chupa. Photo by Igor Georgievski

The Center is operated by the Karelian Regional Public Organization in Support of Sustained Development and Nature Protection “Basin Council of the North-Karelian Coast”.

There a traveller can get the following types of support:

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A reminder about July 17-19 conference in Chupa, Karelia

The International Scientific and Practical Conference “Nature and Cultural Inheritance of the White Sea Region: Preservation and Development” is taking place in Chupa next weekend, Friday to Sunday. Alexandra is presenting her article on the legend of St. Cuthbert as the author of first Eider Duck protection laws.


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“Nature and Cultural Inheritance of the White Sea”. Chupa, Karelia, July 17-19 2015.

chupa-conference-2015A scientific and practical conference “Nature and Cultural Inheritance of the White Sea: Perspectives of Preservation and Development” is going to be held from July 17 to July 19 2015 on the Vershinny Peninsula in the Village of Chupa, Karelia.

Organized by the “Basin Council of North Karelian Coast” with support from the Lighthouse Foundation international fund and International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Here is the preliminary program of the event:

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Kandalaksha Bay Cup 2015

Inter-regional yacht competition will be held June 27-July 3 near Chupa organized by the Sea Yacht Club of Chupa.

chupa_yaht_clubThe regatta starts with a qualifying commission at Sonostrov on June 27 2015. Then the regatta moves through Umba (June 29), and Kandalaksha (June 30). A so-called “port race” will be held in Kandalaksha for the Kandalaksha Administration prize. The place to observe the race is from the Monastyrski Navolok (east end of Kandalaksha). The race ends on July 3 in Chupa, Karelia. Participants, spectators, and event sponsors are invited.

Regatta route:

distancePhotos from the Kandalaksha Bay Cup 2014 >>