Catholics in Petrozavodsk

father-eugene-heinrichsI have noticed the presence of Protestant churches in Karelia before and was, if not stuck, then certainly surprised to see them in this monoculture land. Today Alexandra sent me a link to an article about the Catholic church in Petrozavodsk, Karelia’s capital. The story is in the form of an interview with Father Eugene Heinrichs. Those into the subject may want to read it. Those really interested in the social and political situation may even ask me for an English summary.

Personal exhibition of Anna Mikhailova, Petrozavodsk, March 4-26 2014

1Held at the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia in Petrozavodsk(ulitsa Lenina 1,,(8142) 780 240
Тел.: (8142) 782 702).

Watercolours. The series is called “The Call of the North Star” and the inspiration for these paintings, as for most others by this author, is from the north and particularly the north-west.

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Petrozavodsk is one of the places where we have active personal connections, mostly in the academic or environmental community. Need info or help in Petrozavodsk? Just ask.

In fall 2013 we did a project that largely consisted of collecting information on the logging scene in Kola and Karelia. That project encouraged us to review Petrozavodsk contacts or find new ones among environmentalists, loggers, and lawyers who know the industry. Contact us if interested in the logging industry or related things, at this time we are in a particularly good position to assist in your project.

For lots of nature photos of the Petrozavodsk area see Alexandra‘s friend Igor Podgorny.