“Forest Festival” in Pyal’ma, Karelia

pyalma-festivalThis weekend, August 14 and 15, Forest Festival was held in the village of Pyal’ma, Pudozh district, on the east shore of Onega Lake.

The aim of the festival was to attract attention to the preservation of Karelian taiga forests. The festival had several hundred visitors, and featured regional eco-tourism operators, local artisans, lectures and tours of taiga, and a separate programme for children.

This was the second event of this sort. The third one is planned for next year, for end of July or beginning of August 2016. Visitors, participants, or sponsors are invited. To participate next year contact Elena Pilipenko by writing to elenapilipenko86@mail.ru.

Read more about the Festival, in Russian, on the site of the event’s organizer SPOK, or on their Vkontakte page.