A Suoyarvi (Karelia) deputy fined for “inciting separatism”

zavarkinVladimir Zavarkin, a municipal deputy at the Karelian town of Suoyarvi, had spoken at a meeting in Petrozavodsk on May 20 2015 saying something to the effect that if Russia doesn’t need Karelia – and it doesn’t, judging from the treatment the latter receives from Moscow – the republic should perhaps separate and re-join Finland, from which it was partly annexed as a result of the 1939 war. That brought him under the newly passed, in 2014, law against “calls for separatism”, and had him fined 30 th. roubles ($450 at the current exchange rate) by a Petrozavodsk court last week.

For details see The Moscow Times article.

I must say he got off lightly. The prosecutor was asking for two years of imprisonment. Others guilty under the same “calls for separatism” law, like the head of Crimean Tartars, got something like three years of real Russian prison.