Radiation on Lake Ladoga island in Karelia


Photo from kezling.ru

tvrain.ru reports that several island in the north of Lake Ladoga in Karelia are contaminated with radiation left from the times when these locations were used as testing ranges in the 50s and 60s. Three islands — Makarinsaari, Kugrisaari, and one without a name — are considered as particularly dirty, and offer a possibility of picking one year’s norm in three hours.

Two new Karelia travel portals

These just have been announced, with great pomp, and said to include “everything”.

  • http://www.visitkarelia.fi/en – I’ve looked at it and can greatly recommend this resource to those in need of learning English superlatives.
  • http://visitkarelia.ru/ – This truly multilinqual page has “coming soon” in all languages common to the region.