Rock concert and Arctic cooking festival in Kirovsk on August 4 2018

Little Wood 2018 festival is happening in Kirovsk on August 4 2018. The event begins at 4pm. Location: Stadium Tirvas. The festival features several local and one rock group from Petrozavodsk as well as Arctic cooking, which I assume includes lots of fish and deer meat. The weather, with daytime temperatures way above 20C, is especially conducive for visiting such an event, and it is still quite light at night.

Kola Expeditions is getting ready to receive English-speaking travellers

They ordered me to translate their site into English, and immediately uploaded these translations to Last March we ourselves took part in one of their 3-4 hour tours, were impressed, and can recommend Kola Expeditions to travellers looking for the “local spirit”.


Kirovsk avalanche

kirovsk-avalancheRumours have reached me that there was a major avalanche in the city of Kirovsk on Thursday Feb. 18.

Three said to be dead. Something like 35 windows broken.

One or two days before I got a text message from the Ministry of Emergencies advising people to avoid the Khibiny Mountains area. Turned out it can be serious out there.

Good news for Moscow to Kirovsk travellers

Our friends Ulitkiny report several good news for travellers from Moscow to Kirovsk:

moscow-to-murmansk-road(1) The Karelia part of the St. Petersburg to Murmansk road has been fully repaired, and travelling through Karelia, unlike it was even 2-3 years ago, is now a breeze.

(2) flies Moscow to Apatity (next door to Kirovsk) twice a week, Friday and Sunday, with tickets starting at 3780 roubles ($55 at the current exchange rate) one way, which is not much more expensive than train tickets.


Lights at the distance are Korovsk. Yellowish loop on the right is the skiiing track. A white spot left from the track is the Snow Village and Snowmobiling Center. Photo by Alexander Yenaleyev, borrowed from Ulitkiny Livejournal.

(3) A long-awaited field skiing track has been laid out near Kirovsk, right by the Snow Village and the Snowmobiling Center where you can rent skiis.

A hotel discovered in the heart of Hibiny

kuelporrHotel Kuelporr is a neat place lost in the middle of nowhere in the Khibiny mountains, 20km north from Kirovsk, latitude 33.7294006, longitude 67.6358871. Accessible in the winter by snowmobile only, closed May and June, and October to early December because the road to the hotel is impassable by any transportation during these dreadful between-season periods. For those looking for a profound Khibiny experience.

Tel.: +7 921 510 0030, e-mail:

Their site, in English >>