Kola Expeditions is getting ready to receive English-speaking travellers

They ordered me to translate their site into English, and immediately uploaded these translations to snowtracker.ru/en/. Last March we ourselves took part in one of their 3-4 hour tours, were impressed, and can recommend Kola Expeditions to travellers looking for the “local spirit”.


The average cost of one square meter of housing in the Murmansk region

Location Roubles/m2 In $US at the current exchange rate of 62 roubles per $1US
Murmansk 37202 Just over $500/m2
Kola 37052 just over $500/m2
Apatity 21700 $350/m2
Kirovsk 21715 $350/m2
Monchegorsk 15000 just under $250/m2
Olenegorsk 17100 just under $400/m2
Severomorsk 35500 slightly over $500/m2
Revda 10609 $160/m2
Polarnye Zori 30000 under $500/m2
Molochny 35750 over $500/m2
Pushnoy 7895 slightly over $100/m2
Murmashi 31025 $500/m2

Source: www.b-port.com

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Kirovsk avalanche

kirovsk-avalancheRumours have reached me that there was a major avalanche in the city of Kirovsk on Thursday Feb. 18.

Three said to be dead. Something like 35 windows broken.

One or two days before I got a text message from the Ministry of Emergencies advising people to avoid the Khibiny Mountains area. Turned out it can be serious out there.

Two or three pieces of good news for the lovers of art and snowmobiling

First, in December 2015 one of our favourite travel companies of the Kola Peninsula, “Kola Expeditions“, have opened a Visitor Center in the City of Kirovsk, Murmansk region, near the Botanical Gardens by the Snow Village, behind the Tirvas Health Center (“Profilaktoriy Tirvas”), about two-hour drive from Kandalaksha.

small1Second, the Visitor Center also serves as a snowmobile center. Snowmobile tours, a total of 15 routes of varying length and level of complexity to the Khibiny Mountains, start from there. They have a set of lovingly selected snowmobiles equipped for riders of any size and shape, a team of great guides, and are famous for their love for people that cannot be described as anything less than angelic. more >>

“Snow ‘n’ Ice” festival at the Snow Village in Kirovsk

crazy-chainsaw-2015-1Starts on Jan. 18 and lasts for a week the 5th festival of snow and ice sculpture “Snegoled” (“snow ‘n’ ice”). During this week participants from the Murmansk region and six other Russian regions, Scandinavia, and Latvia will be making sculptures.

The festival will end with a competition to create ice sculptures within 90 minutes, entitled “Beshenaya pila” (“Crazy chainsaw”) on Jan. 23.

To see the “Crazy Chainsaw” finale of the festival in motion click on the image above