Exhibition train in Kandalaksha on Oct. 5

railroad-expo-trainThe history of the Karelia and Murmansk part of the October railroad, originally connecting Moscow and St. Petersburg, and latest technological advances are said to be featured.

Here is the schedule of the train:

October 1 – Murmansk
October 2 – Zapolarnaya Station
October 3 – Olenegorsk
October 4 – Apatity
October 5 – Kandalaksha
October 6 – Kovdor
October 7 – Kem

Open 10am to 6pm, closed 1 to 2pm, admission fee 70 roubles.

Kovdor overview

Population: 19 th., slightly declining and ageing.

History: Iron ore, carbonatite, vermiculite, mica and a bunch of other minirals were found here in the 30s, a village built around mining and processing in the 50s, the place was proclaimed a city in 1965, sort of flourished till 1990s, then went through a period of property divisions and overall escalated violence, and is presently lapsing back into Soviet Union Two type stagnation.

City hall, with ubiquitous Lenin in front, and a good and cheap cafe in the basement


  • Uyut, ul. Koshitsa 28, tel. 3-12-39
  • DYUSHS, tel. 7-28-05

Somewhat active Kovdor sites:

Touristy interest:

Downhill skiing well into the spring, till end of May. A lot of resource is being put into skiing facilities. Signs in resorts currently being upgraded are in Russian, English, and sometimes also Finnish and Norwegian in anticipation of an influx of foreing travellers, good luck. The area, as most of the Kola Peninsula, could be a mecca for sufferers from the minerals fetish. Not restricted to foreigners.

Investor interest:

Remarkably cheap, by Russian scale, apartments. As of end 2013, when I visited the place, $10 th. would get you a very livable, by local standards of course, place. Industrial space however is in very short supply.

The area is surrounded by mature forest and there is an opinion out there it has logging potential. An investigation of the local logging industry for a Canadian client of mine was what took me to Kovdor in the fall of 2013. Need an agent to act on your behalf in that area? Talk to me! See Services and Examples.