Exhibition train in Kandalaksha on Oct. 5

railroad-expo-trainThe history of the Karelia and Murmansk part of the October railroad, originally connecting Moscow and St. Petersburg, and latest technological advances are said to be featured.

Here is the schedule of the train:

October 1 – Murmansk
October 2 – Zapolarnaya Station
October 3 – Olenegorsk
October 4 – Apatity
October 5 – Kandalaksha
October 6 – Kovdor
October 7 – Kem

Open 10am to 6pm, closed 1 to 2pm, admission fee 70 roubles.

Olenegorsk to Murmansk cross-country bicycle race August 6 2016

bike-marathonIt is a beginner-level 108km bike marathon. Starts at Olenegorsk at the Murmansk Highway, at 10am, and proceeds via country trails through Laplandia, Taybola, Pushnoy, Loparskaya, Magnetity, Kil’dinstroy, and Zverosovkhoz. That’s your chance to explore Kola region back roads!

One can register till August 5 by writing to chereda51-murmansk@yandex.ru. Indicate if you need to be delivered from Murmansk to Olenegorsk.

More at velomurman.ru

The average cost of one square meter of housing in the Murmansk region

Location Roubles/m2 In $US at the current exchange rate of 62 roubles per $1US
Murmansk 37202 Just over $500/m2
Kola 37052 just over $500/m2
Apatity 21700 $350/m2
Kirovsk 21715 $350/m2
Monchegorsk 15000 just under $250/m2
Olenegorsk 17100 just under $400/m2
Severomorsk 35500 slightly over $500/m2
Revda 10609 $160/m2
Polarnye Zori 30000 under $500/m2
Molochny 35750 over $500/m2
Pushnoy 7895 slightly over $100/m2
Murmashi 31025 $500/m2

Source: www.b-port.com

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To Lovozero or Revda by bus from Olenegorsk (or Murmansk)

The closest working railroad station is in Olenegorsk. Disregard reports of a railroad station in Revda – it is there for strictly local mining company needs. Getting to Olenegorsk, which is on the Moscow to Murmansk line, should not be an issue. There is no direct bus from Olenegorsk to Lovozero, only with Revda as a transition point. Here is a schedule compiled from what appears like recent sources. Call the bus station to check the exact schedule! Tell me of any discrepancies!!

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Olenegorsk, “Deer mountain city”


A town of 20+ thousand, ~100km south from Murmansk, built around an iron ore mine in the 50s. A local transportation hub, with a railroad and a bus station. One can get to Lovozero or Revda by public transit only via Olenegorsk – I’m at the moment searching for a way to get to Lovozero without a car because I have an interpreting assignment there on Jan. 15th while our car is thinking of losing one of its wheels, and that’s what prompted me to write this note on Olenegorsk.

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