A crowd of 500 Syrian refugees said to be at the Borisoglebsk border-crossing point

syrian-refugees-with-bikesThere are reports (see FlashNord.com for one of them) of quite a crowd of Syrians (real or otherwise) gathered at the Borisoglebsk (Boris-Glebe) border-crossing point near Pechenga. The Russian authorities don’t let them to the Norwegian side apparently because the refugees are on foot while the border-crossing is intended for those with a vehicle, even if it’s a bicycle – all of which have been bought out in Pechenga. Temperatures there are around freezing point, and many of those seeking entry into Norway are getting sick.

Concrete rings of Liinakhamari, near Pechenga

liinakhamari_circlesThese were built by the Germans as support for huge guns. The popular Russian version about landing for flying saucers powered by anti-gravity engines constructed with the help of Saami shamans may be more entertaining though. EnglishRussia.com has recently published several photos of these things.

The area is classed as “restricted”, which means you have to stay on the road, or get a permit well in advance, or take your chances. Whatever info I notice on the specifics of foreigner travel in the Murmansk region it gets dumped in the Attention Foreign Travellers section.

Kirkenes to Murmansk ferry

Farmers transport their cows on a boat over the Koenigssee lake in front of the famous church Saint Bartolomae during a traditional Bavarian cattle drive on October 9, 2010 in Koenigssee, Germany. The cattle drive (Almabtrieb) is an annual event in the alpine regions in Europe, referring to a cow train in autumn. In many areas the cows are decorated elaborately, and the cow train is celebrated with music and dance events in the towns and villages.

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Unconfirmed rumours, source unknown..

Norwegian cruise company Hurtigruten announced that a shuttle ferry will soon start going between Kirkenes and Murmansk. It will be used for one-day tours, mostly for Norwegian tourists. This ferry is to go to Pechenga soon too.

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