Zelenoborsky children ensemble a big winner

4In today’s issue of Niva, Kandalaksha’s main newspaper, noticed an article about children’s ensamble “Rosinka” (“dew drop”) from Zelenoborsky, near Kandalaksha, winning in St. Petersbur and then Viena and Prague. In Viena it was the “Viena Star Fall” competition. The festival took place in the Donaustadt concert hall, with over three thousand participants from ten countries. The jury included Viena opera singers. Rosinka’s music composition consisted of Pomor folklore and Russian folk songs in their own arrangement. Contumes for the 3festival were made by the Bagraynitsa workshop. In Viena Rosinka got the diplomas of 1st degree. After the Viena success the organizing committees of Austria and Russia made the organizational contribution of 385 Euro per participant, which allowed them to participate in Prague Star Fall festival two days later. In Prague Rosinka once again made it to top 10 and got 2nd Degree Diploma.

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Zelenoborsky accommodation

+7 926 270 8501, Boris, with three guest houses. That’s the only info our search genius Alexandra was able to dig up about the town of Zelenoborsky, ~60km south from Kandalaksha, in response to a request from a Finnish cyclist planning such a trip. No e-mail, no site, just telephone number..

..The owner, it turns out, has the Moscow State University White Sea Biological Station in his background, and offers, among other services, birdwatching. Details coming up.

Another view on the story of Haruhisa Watanabe

Monument Haruhisa Watanabe, who died Dec. 26, 2012 near Kandalaksha installed on 1127 km of highway M-18 “Kola” in Kandalaksha district in September 2013

By Alexandra Goryashko

Also see Haruhisa Watanabe

I have no illusions about this country, but … Not all Russian drivers go like crazy and break the rules. Here are a few facts to the history of Japanese cyclist deaths.

Driver of the car that hit the cyclist was a man 56 years old with 30 years of driving experience. He immediately called an ambulance and the police.

December 26, the day of the tragedy – one of the darkest days in the Arctic. 2-3 hours of daylight only. At 10 am (the incident time) are complete darkness. No lighting on the highway. It was 30 degrees below zero and a snowstorm that day.

This photo was made ​​in December on the highway near Kandalaksha. Visibility out of the car.

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Dec. 26 2013 will be one years since the death of Japenese cyclist Haruhisa Watanabe near Kandalaksha

Haruhisa Watanabe was hit by a car belongling to one of local big shots. Think it was the mayor of Zelenoborsk, Boris Rozhansky.

..I’ve been sharing winter roads with locals for nearly two months now, and have lapsed into a permanent state of being scared shitless. Drivers make no adjustment whatsoever for road conditions. Exactly same speed and pattern as in the best of summer. Towards the end of winter daredevils tend to get weeded out but first few snowfalls is a disaster. In November 2013 I counted 6 accidents during a 120km trip to either Kirovsk or Apatity. Yet not a single one during the same trip in March.