Metsä (Forest) photo exhibition in Murmansk June 2-25 2017

Got the following note from a client of mine with a request to share it with you. Here:

“The exhibition Metsä (Finnish “Forest”) opens on Friday, June 2, at 5 pm. It is arranged by the Murmansk Regional Art Museum, but takes place in the Murmansk Philharmonic Society at Murmansk, ulitsa S. Perovskoy 3. It consists of 40 large black & white photographs (10 from each country), and a book has been published with 60 photos, and text in English, Finnish, Russian and Sami.

I enclose two word docs of the foreword I wrote in the book, in Russian and English, if you would like to mention this on your website.
For pictures, please go to my website, and copy some images from


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Norwegian FlyViking promises to open the Trondheim-Bodø-Tromsø-Alta-Kirkenes-Murmansk route

air-vikingWhile the trend of the day is to cut connections between Russia and western Europe, a new Norwegian airline FlyViking promises to open a route between northern Norway and Murmansk within a few months. The flight is said to go through Trondheim, Bodø, Tromsø, Alta, and Kirkenes before landing in Murmansk. This would certainly make things convenient for local travellers. I wish they included Arkhangelsk, the way it was years ago.

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Hans Schaaning and the history of Pasvik

hans-skonningA book about Hans Schaanning, the Norwegian ornithologist who lived and worked in today’s Pasvik Reserve territory, was recently printed by the Pasvik Reserve.

The book is in Russian and English (starting from page 139), and it can be found online at

Recommended to those interested in Pasvik’s origin and its birds, as well as general history of the area.

A 2016-2017 calendar from the Kola Ecological Center

kola-eco-center-1Our friends from the Kola Ecological Center published, with the support of Friends of the Earth Norway, and offer to the public a calendar for years 2016-2017 with neat photos, in return to a recommended donation of 250 roubles.

Here are some photos from the calendar:kola-eco-center-2

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The Saami site upgraded and is now available in a bunch of languages

saamiHere is the new upgraded Saami Council site in English, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian. And, of course, Saami.

See posts tagged “Saami” for related materials. Also check under the Lovozero category for the Saami related materials.

Sign up for a trip to Lovozero with me as your driver and interpreter. The cost of an overnight trip from Kandalaksha for a group of 3-4 is about $500.

An exhibition of Svalbard aquarels by Anna Mikhailova

aquarels-by-mikhailova-1aquarels-by-mikhailova-2One of our favourite Kola Peninsula painters, Anna Mikhailova, spent September and October on the Svalbard Archipelago (the island of Spitzbergen), Norway, absorbing and transferring onto paper local sights. Now she is sharing these with the public via an exhibition in St. Petersburg held at the Faculty of Geography of the Gertsen Pedagogical University at naberezhnaya Moyki 48. The exhibition is on till Dec. 30 2015.

The Barents Region: A Transnational History of Subarctic Northern Europe. Book presentation in Lovozero tomorrow.

Barents-RegionThere will be a book presentation in the Lovozero library tomorrow, Dec. 1.

The book speaks of the story of the Barents region, an area that includes the northern-most parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia, treated as one common entity, from year 800 to 2010. It is written by 27 historians from 13 geographic areas.

The book will be of interest to anybody who wants to study the trans-national history of the northern region.

Lars EleniusGeneral editor of the book is Lars Elenius, Professor in history and education specialising in the history of indigenous peopole and national minorities within the context of northern Europe. He has done research and worked out education about ethnic groups, minority politics, historical culture, nationalism and education in this northern context. Elenius is the leader of a network of scholars who write a history book and encyclopedia about the Barents Region.

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Big shots’ meeting on tourism development in the region

meeting-Russia-FinlandKandalaksha leaders and those of Finnish municipalities that border with Russia have met last week to discuss joint projects, including setting up a major snowmobile route across Norway, Sweden,Finland, and Russia. Another project discussed was expanding the capacity of the transportation network of the Murmansk region and including it into the trans-European road system.

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An interview with a carrier of Syrian refugees

I’ve had two enquiries in response of my previous post on the situation at the Boris-Glebe border crossing point and the nearby industrial town of Nickel. Those tracking the subject may find the following verbatim translation of an interview with an unnamed refugee runner, posted on Bloger51, interesting.