Help me help this fine young BLIND fellow, a mathematician, a programmer, and a religious history expert, find a job

Introducing Dimitry Lapa, a translator, a religious history expert, and a programmer. He has greatly helped Alexandra by consulting her for her article on British church history, and I’m trying to return the favour. Here is a summary based on his resume and our correspondence:

Education: Two degrees, one is mathematician-programmer, and another religious studies.

Native Russian, fluent professional English, some German.

Over 100 publications.

But he is out of work. He is blind.

Above: Dimitry in London

It is Alexandra’s and mine idea to tell the world about him. Please read the text below that consists of fragments of his resume and correspondence with Alexandra. Just read and make a note there is such a person. Who is not asking money from anyone nor shouting around about his situation. He is just a well-qualified expert who wants to find a job to make a living. Perhaps one of you happens to be in a position to help, thus..

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