Help me help this fine young BLIND fellow, a mathematician, a programmer, and a religious history expert, find a job

Introducing Dimitry Lapa, a translator, a religious history expert, and a programmer. He has greatly helped Alexandra by consulting her for her article on British church history, and I’m trying to return the favour. Here is a summary based on his resume and our correspondence:

Education: Two degrees, one is mathematician-programmer, and another religious studies.

Native Russian, fluent professional English, some German.

Over 100 publications.

But he is out of work. He is blind.

Above: Dimitry in London

It is Alexandra’s and mine idea to tell the world about him. Please read the text below that consists of fragments of his resume and correspondence with Alexandra. Just read and make a note there is such a person. Who is not asking money from anyone nor shouting around about his situation. He is just a well-qualified expert who wants to find a job to make a living. Perhaps one of you happens to be in a position to help, thus..

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Russia vs. Finland

Went to Rovanijemi, Finland, for a couple of days recently. Travelled about the same distance over Finland as over Russia, about 170km in each country. What a stark contrast between Russia, with its rough roads and miles of empty land, and Finland, with freshly painted country houses, clean towns, abandant cafes, hotels and motels of all sorts, and numerous filling stations!

Is there a pattern where Russia annexes its neighbours’ land to turn it into a desert? Below, in gray, is the area annexed from Finland in the 1939-1940 “Winter War” and turned into wasteland.

Wish I had a way of making a living other than enticing travellers to this land that deserves full boycott.

Letters in support of Evgeny Vitishko

Noticed a call by Amnesty International and Greenpeace to post a photo of nature on any social network, mark it with hashtag #freevitishko, and write a few lines in support of Evgeny Vitishko. Greenpeace volunteers will print these out and send them to the prison camp where Vitishko is doing his time for painting on a fence.

The pyromania season

All these Attilas, Ghengis Khans, and Tamerlanes roamed the Eurasian steppe looting, raping, and of course burning what they could not haul off. Their descendants live in cities and take a shower daily but will still set dry grass on fire every freaking spring.

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New issue of Твой Рованиеми

The summer 2014 issue is here. See IN RUSSIAN 🙁  BUT HELPS TO GET ORIENTED IN FINLAND, WHICH IS A SOMEWHAT STRANGE PLACE, AND DON’T BELIEVE GUIDEBOOKS, THEY DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH THERE. AT LEAST NOT IN THE NORTH. The summer 2014 issue is said to have more info and stories about Nazi parking rules in Finland – one of several reasons I’m resisting the idea of driving there.

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Kola Peninsula seasons calendar

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Who? Me?! Overreacting?!!

somerset-asylum-by-k-drakeTurned the TV on the other day. I regularly do that to maintain my habitual and comfortable depression level for the fear of becoming a regular annoying happy (_*_) orifice. [hide-this-part morelink=”read the rest”]Immediately I was treated to Mr. Putin’s speech where our leader said out loud that the Russian national mental set is characterized by willingness to die for a higher cause, whatever this cause is, and this Todestrieb is somehow bundled with generosity, another fundamental of our character. I was hoping to write this off to the onset of senility or after-lunch torpor but no, today I ran into a transcript of the speech. “Death for the sake of… the nation contains deep roots of our patriotism.. …our country is large, and this reflects our greatness and generosity.” Non-sequitors make me uncomfortable, and those containing words like “death”, “heroism”, and “greatness”, with “generosity” thrown in completes the absurdity, scare me shitless. Especially when these things are said by those in power, and even more when they are well received by 150 million.   …40 minutes, later, and I still can’t get rid of a mini-obsession as to how generosity can be causally linked to the centuries-old propensity to invate neighbours.[/hide-this-part]

Thanks to the Russian post for the toilet and shower tent

Living in the boondocks forced me to overcome my disinclination and order a shower and toilet tent from Moscow. It arrived quick and intact in about two weeks, which is pretty good. Assembled in the room that serves as my office and found to be entirely as expected: large, sturdy, and easy to assemble.


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